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Sie müssen die Nutzungsbedingungen akzeptieren, bevor Sie den Filebase nutzen können!

1. Scope

These terms of use apply to all content offered at hereinafter referred to as "Portal".

2. Registration

In order to become a member of the DLV community and to be able to use the relevant functions of the portal, you need an activated Dependent Low Veterans account. The minimum age for registration is 14 years.

3. Transfer of rights

As a developer, you have the option of uploading software, texts and images, hereinafter referred to as "content", to the website.

With the upload, you grant Dependent Low Veterans the non-exclusive, unlimited right in terms of time and space to use the content on the website. In particular, Dependent Low Veterans is entitled to publish, reproduce, distribute, digitize and electronically save the content online and to make it available to internal and external users free of charge and to use the content for advertising purposes. private uploads are excluded

Dependent Low Veterans reserves the right to edit the content, such as correcting spelling mistakes or adapting the formatting, or not to publish or delete certain content. This editing right does not apply to software.

Dependent Low Veterans is authorized to place advertisements in the context of the content. You reserve the right to delete content and revoke permission to host files, which will also void the previously granted rights. There is no right to publish content.

4. Responsibility for content

You have to ensure that you have the necessary rights to legally provide the content on the portal. This is the case if you created the content yourself or if you have a corresponding license from the rights holder. You guarantee that the content is free of third party rights that could prevent the use of Dependent Low Veterans and that the content does not violate applicable law. In the case of the publication of pictures of people, you have to obtain the consent of the persons shown. You release Dependent Low Veterans from any claims by third parties, in particular claims for copyright, trademark or personal rights violations that should be raised against Dependent Low Veterans in connection with the provision of the content.

5. Prohibited content

You guarantee that the content provided is free of computer viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware. Content provided by them may not be racist, glorifying violence, harassing, defamatory, pornographic or harmful to young people, nor may it be contrary to common decency.

6. Termination of Membership

You can terminate your membership at any time with a message.

7. Data protection

The Privacy Policy of Dependent Low Veterans is available at